What is Seach Engine Marketing ?

SEM is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy used to increase the visibility of your website in SERPs and reach customers at every stage of the buying cycle. Our search engine marketing experts bid on keywords to optimize your ad performance, increase your Quality Score and bring more traffic and conversions to your landing pages. Quality Score is a metric used by search engines to determine your paid search ads’ quality and relevance. The better you are at meeting your prospects’ needs, the less search engines will charge you for every ad click and conversion


 Search Engine Marketing Services Hyderabad 

 What We Learn Here:

Intrdouction to Google Ads

 History of Google Ads

 Why Google Ads

 Difference Between Bing and Google ads

 Understanding the KPI

 Benefits of Google Ads

 Setting up Google ads account

 Signup process

 Billing setting

 User account creation

 Setting up campaigns

 Campaign Set Up

 Types of Campaigns

 How to fit the right campaign to the business

 Location setting

 Language setting

 Ad rotation

 Daily Budget selection

 Ad Scheduling

 Ad Group Setup

 What is Ad Group

 How to Set up Ad groups

 Keyword Research

 Keyword Match types

 Broad Match

 Broad Match modifier

 Phrase Match Modifier

 Exact Match

 Ad set up

 Setting up Google Ads

 Different types of Ads

 Expanded Ad format

 Responsive Ad format

 Call only Ad

 Search Ads

 Display Ads

 Lead generation ads

 Ad rank calculation

 Quality score

 Quality Score calculation

 What is Actual CPC

 Ad extensions

 Site links Extension

 Callout Extension

 Structured Snippet

 Message Extension

 Location Extension

 App Extension

 Conversion tracking

 What is conversion?

 Types of conversions

 Website conversion

 App conversion

 Call conversion

 Gmail ads

 Video ads

 Why video marketing?

 Creating video campaigns

 In stream ads

 Discovery Ads

 Out stream Ads

 Bumper Ads

 Ad Sequence Ads

 You tube targeting options

 Remarketing lists

 Bidding types

 Creating you tube ads

 Reporting and Analysis

 Shopping ads

 Shopping Ads campaign

 What are the shopping Ads

 Shopping Campaign Setup

 Google Merchant Centre setup

 Data feed Setup

 Data feed Properties

 Ad groups and Product groups

 Activating merchant Centre

 Integrating Merchant Center to Google Ads account

 Remarketing campaign

 What is remarketing?

 How to build audience list?

 How do segmentation of lists?

 Types of Remarketing setup

 Dynamic Remarketing set up

 Websites audience

 App audience

 Customer list

 Various of Customer list

 Creating Remarketing Campaign

 Mobile Marketing campaign

 Importance of Mobile Marketing

 Types of Mobile marketing campaigns

 Creating universal app campaign

 Bidding Strategies

 Location and Budget settings

 Ad setup

 Conversion tracking

 Reports

Search Engine Marketing Services In Hyderabad

Differrence Between SEO,SEM And PPC Services .


SEO, SEM and PPC are three commonly confused acronyms in the digital marketing realm. To help you navigate the online marketing sphere and better understand what is search engine marketing and how it differs from other internet marketing methods, our search engine marketing agency discusses in detail the difference between these terms:

SEM services in hyderabad